Yonoya Kushiho

Yonoya Kushiho, a specialty store of Japanese boxwood comb in Asakusa Denboin Street, was founded in 1717 in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo as a crafting shop specializing in Japanese boxwood combs. After that, it moved to Asakusa in the early Taisho era, set up a store, and succeeded as Yonoya Kushiho.

Made of high-quality Japanese Satsuma boxwood, the "boxwood comb" is carefully crafted by hand by artisans, and is less stressful on the hair and produces naturally shiny hair. Also, "boxwood hair accessories" can be used for a wide range of occasions from casual to formal. They can be used not only in classical performing arts such as Sumo and Kabuki, but also in everyday life by the general public. We are dedicated to the work of conveying the spirit of respect for hair through good old traditions.

We use only Satsuma tsuge (Japanese boxwood) from Ibusuki, Kagoshima Prefecture.

Boxwood combs come in various shapes and sizes to suit different uses and hair textures, and they have been an indispensable tool for Japanese hairstyling in the world of sumo, kabuki, and classical performing arts for many years.

On the other hand, they also have many virtues in terms of everyday use, such as their high precision as daily necessities and their gentle feel on the scalp.