Takahashi Kobo woodblock print "Bucket"・"Nishikigoi"

When we hear the word "Ukiyoe" we think of Katsushika Hokusai's pictures of giant waves, Toshusai Sharaku's pictures of actors, and so on.

Many of these were produced as woodblock prints, and are said to be the roots of Japanese printing technology, which is characterized by colorful, multicolor printing.

The technique is called "Edo Mokuhanga (woodblock print)" and has been handed down traditionally for over 400 years, mainly in Tokyo. Using materials and techniques unchanged since the Edo period, craftsmen are still reviving Ukiyoe woodbblock prints loved by the people of Edo in the modern age.

Takahashi Kobo has been in the family of Edo woodblock print printers for generations, and since the fourth generation, we have also been a "publisher".

Since its establishment more than 160 years ago, we have continued to produce traditional woodblock prints.

The original drawing, meticulously rendered in colored pencil, has been reproduced in Edo woodblock print. The cats depicted by contemporary artist Yo Okada wear kimonos and live in Edo. Please enjoy the cats' various backgrounds and occupations.