Kimoto glass Tokyo

"We produce all kinds of glass with the spirit of craftsmanship. We are Kimoto Glass Tokyo. "

For more than 90 years, we have been a wholesaler, always keeping an eye on market trends.

What do consumers look for in glass products? What are the factors that distinguish the products that sell well from those that do not? What is needed for glass products to be popular among people living today?

Leveraging our unique perspective as a wholesaler, we will work together with handmade glass factories in downtown Tokyo, Edo Kiriko glass craftsmen, designers, and creators to create a new world view of glass products.

A modern Edo Kiriko glass overlaid on coal black. The straight-line motif has created an innovative and modern image, which makes you forget it is the traditional handcraft, Edo Kiriko.

It has received the Grand Prize in the 5th Tokyo’s Traditional Handcrafts Challenge Award. The traditional Edo Kiriko and the modern technology of black glass are combined to create a glass that fits the modern lifestyle.