"From good leeks, a good future".

Since its establishment in 1885, Negizen has been a wholesaler specializing in the highest quality Senju Negi (leek), passing on the art of connoisseurship to four generations since the Meiji era.

Through the good leeks, we will play a leading and supporting role in a variety of dishes, including the historic taste of the signature dishes, and help create a good future that will wrap the world in happiness. In a word, Senju Negi is an exquisite leek that has been loved by famous restaurants since the Edo and Meiji periods.

Please enjoy the taste and aroma of the leek itself, which was loved by the gourmets of the Edo and Meiji eras, who have preserved the original taste of Senju Negi.

 "Edo Senju Negi," handled by Negizen, preserves its taste in modern times by using heirloom varieties passed down since the Edo period and adhering to traditional cultivation methods. Cultivation in Japan is less than 1%.

Unlike ordinary green onions, it is packed with the original sharpness and umami of green onions. When eaten raw, it provides a sharp accent perfect for dishes like soba noodles. When heated, it transforms from a sharp onion to a sweet, melting texture akin to fruit. Loved by many gourmets including Shotaro Ikenami, it is a green onion of dedication.

We have prepared negi miso, negi salt, and dried negi using the dedicated "Edo Senju Negi." Each product is a unique offering from a negi specialist using plenty of green onions. Please enjoy.