Marukyu Shoten TEWSEN

Marukyu Shoten was founded in Nihonbashi in 1899 under the trade name "Shin-Edo Zome," and is a wholesaler of dyed products.

We handle a variety of dyeing products, including indigo dyeing and textile printing, and mainly uses the unique Japanese stencil dyeing technique "Chusen" in its manufacturing.


Chusen is a unique dyeing technique that has the following features: the reverse side of the fabric is dyed in exactly the same way, multiple colors can be applied at once, and multiple quantities can be dyed at the same time.

Marukyu Shoten began by producing yukata and hand towels for Japanese dances and festivals, and now cooperates with a wide variety of companies and creators in the production of their works.

We strive to produce our products with a modern sensibility while preserving tradition.

"TEWSEN" is a factory brand started in 2022 by Marukyu Shoten, a dyed goods wholesaler established in Nihonbashi in the Meiji era.

TEWSEN's fabrics are made by the traditional Japanese stencil dyeing technique called “chusen," which is used to produce yukata (summer kimonos) and hand towels. It was created with the idea of "making chusen more accessible and enjoyable!"

All patterns of "TEWSEN" are carefully selected from the early to mid-Showa period, and color schemes that fit today are applied, The shapes are arranged based on festival wear.

While respecting ancient techniques, designs, and craftsmanship, we will continue to discover and disseminate new values by fusing modern functionality and a playful spirit to take over the unique Japanese craftsmanship.