Sarashina-Horii was founded in 1789 in Azabu Nagasaka Takainarashita during the reign of the 11th Shogun, Ienari Tokugawa.

For 230 years, we have been dedicated to soba, and we continue to innovate for the sake of our customers’ “Kofuku (satisfy their appetite)".

We want our customers to be able to enjoy soba, which has been a part of Japanese culture since the Edo period, even today.

We will continue to pursue deliciousness in every age, and connect new history.

*Sarashina-Horii is a model operator of the Edo Tokyo Kirari Project and participates in the Steering Committee of the Japanese Culinary Academy Tokyo, which aims to promote Japanese cuisine around the world and to properly pass on the traditional Japanese food culture to the next generation.

Sarashina soba is characterized by its elegant color and smoothness.

We use pure white buckwheat flour from the center of the best brown buckwheat seeds and produces the soba using a unique method handed down at Sarashina-Horii.

In addition, we have also developed soba arare (buckwheat crackers) of our very popular "Toriyaki" product. The sweet and salty taste is recommended as a snack for both tea and sake.