Isehan-Honten is the solo remaining beni shop in Japan. Since its establishment in Nihonbashi in 1825, the company has maintained its secret recipe for almost 200 years.

Komachi-beni is a 100% natural multi-makeup product made of red pigment, which is only 1% contained in safflower petals. It is made by artisans through dozens of processes, and shines with a beautiful iridescent color, which is a sign of high quality.

The Beni Museum, located in Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo, introduces the beni making process and Japanese cosmetics history with about 450 actual materials and videos, and offers a free beni makeup application experience.

Komachi-beni is the Japanese traditional rouge made purely from rare red pigment extracted from safflower petals. Made with great care using a technique handed down since the Edo period, Komachi-beni shines metallic green and changes to a vivid red color at the moment dissolved using a moistened brush.

Depending on the amount of water and the number of applications, you can enjoy the color of Komachi-beni from light pink with transparency to vivid deep red. Unlike the usual oil-based lipstick, Komachi-beni is light and comfortable to wear. Since your own individual lip color is reflected, even if the same Komachi-beni is used, there are many different shades. Therefore, it is good not only for yourself but also for someone as a gift. You can get it only in Japan.

Komachi-beni is made in Tokyo, and Isehan-Honten is the only and last beni-shop which has made it with great care using a technique handed down for almost 200 years.