Assorted "Omisoshiru" and "Osuimono" with aromatic dashi

Ninben has been in business for over 320 years since its establishment in 1699, focusing on katsuobushi (dried skipjack tuna).

We have continued to do business in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, especially focusing on "Hongare-katsuobushi (fermented dried skipjack tuna)", which is said to have been established in the late Edo period. Hongare-katsuobushi is a top-quality product that has been aged over four times through repeated molding and drying in the sun.

In our long history, Ninben has created many groundbreaking products that have changed the industry's common sense, such as "Tsuyu-no-moto", which makes it easy to add the genuine taste of katsuobushi (dried skipjack tuna) to dishes, and "Fresh Pack", which allows you to enjoy the taste of freshly shaved katsuobushi (dried skipjack tuna) flakes.

We hope to continue to pass on the katsuobushi (dried skipjack tuna) that support Japanese food culture to future generations and spread the taste of dashi throughout the world.

Assorted "Omisoshiru" and "Osuimono" with aromatic dashi

This is an assortment of freeze-dried omisoshiru (miso soup) and osuimono (soup) made with the flavor of dashi (Japanese soup stock).

The ingredients block and seasoning block are separated, so the seasoning is not soaked into the ingredients, allowing you to enjoy the freshly made flavor.

The rich flavor of katsuobushi (dried skipjack tuna) stands out in the soup, which can be served simply by pouring hot water.