Eitaro Sohonpo

Eitaro Candy

Founded in 1818. A Japanese confectionery manufacturing and sales company headquartered in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. It is the oldest candy manufacturer in Japan among the members of the National Confectionery Industry Cooperative Association.

In addition to candies, we handle including fresh confections, Yokan jelly, baked sweets, Anmitsu, and rice crackers.

Eitaro Confectionery also operates the "Ameya Eitaro", "Nihonbashi Eitaro", "Tokyo PEASEN", and "Karada ni Eitaro" brands that specialize in different concepts.

We also have a wide range of customers, from department stores, mass merchandisers, and transportation markets to shrines and temples. Our corporate culture respects "learning from the past," and we have not only the latest machines but also old-fashioned techniques and facilities still in operation at our manufacturing sites.

UMEBOSHI-AME CANDIES was born out of the ingenuity and ingenuity of the common people of Edo, who wanted to make the expensive Aruheito (a kind of candy made by boiling sugar) more easily available to the common people.

Edo people who liked fashion named it "Ume-boshi candy" because the triangular shape of the red-colored candy, cut with scissors and pinched with fingers, resembled dried plums.

Since then, black candy and powdered green tea candy have been produced based on the technique of maiking Aruheito, and since the beginning of Heisei period, "Fruit juice candy", a fruit candy made with domestic fruit and without flavoring or coloring, has been added to the Eitaro candy series.