Tsuchiya Kaban

A leather goods brand founded in 1965, originating from a workshop established by a Randoseru (school bag) craftsman in Tokyo.

With the mission of "creating values that will be loved over time," the company engages in the integrated planning, manufacturing, sales, and repair of Randoserus and leather products.

We value careful craftsmanship, aiming for simplicity and elegant appearance that can be loved for a long time, with Japanese sensibility and craftsmanship. 

The company operates a total of 31 stores in Japan and overseas, including the Nishi-Arai main store and the Karuizawa Kobo store, both of which have our own workshops. The founder, Kunio Tsuchiya, was selected as a "Contemporary Master Craftsman" by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare in 2022 and as a "JAPAN LEATHER GOODS MEISTER (bag category)" by the Japan Leather Industry Association. 


Crafted from high-end Italian leather, it gives wearers a sophisticated, sharp appearance in business settings. The bag is mainly crafted from soft, rich Vachetta leather. Every single touch will add to the leather's luster and feel, creating a one-of-a-kind experience. Applying the experience obtained from the production of Tsuchiya Randoseru bags and use the same techniques to make the back cushion pad and shoulder straps, for a comfortable carrying experience. This playful yet classic work bag for a new generation was created by Tsuchiya Kaban specifically for adults.

Outer: Cowhide

Lining: Pigskin, Cotton

Founder Kunio Tsuchiya started his bag company in 1965 in Tokyo, Japan, focusing on a singular style, the “Randoseru”.  This style of bag was adapted from a Dutch military bag in the late 1800s and became an early sign of Western Influence in Japan. 

The brand has used their learnings from the Randoseru to create a full collection of leather goods, all handmade in Tokyo by the most skilled leather craftspeople. Today the collection has more than 150 unique styles,  sold in Tsuchiya Kaban flagship stores in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong and also available on their websites.

English website; https://tsuchiya-kaban.com/

Chinese website; https://tsuchiya-kaban-global.com/



In 2022, our Founder, Kunio Tsuchiya was selected as a "Contemporary Master Craftsman" by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. And awarded as a "Japan Leather Goods Meister" by the Japan Leather and Leather Goods Industries Association.