Chikusen was founded in 1842.

The company became famous for its yukata (summer kimonos) and Edo komon (small patterned kimono), which were produced using dyeing techniques handed down from the Edo period, and its way of life was even depicted in the world of Kabuki theater.

After the war, we opened a store in Asakusa and continued to manufacture products in line with the creed of the first generation.

The taste of our products was well received by the public, and we began doing business with department stores and specialty stores nationwide.

Later, we made the decision to relocate to Nihonbashi, the center of business, where we are located today.

We have launched a dress line and have begun to offer it to the world, hoping that people who are not interested in kimono and people overseas will wear Chikusen fabrics, which are characterized by "original design," "unique materials" and "traditional techniques of craftsmanship".

Since the Edo period, Chikusen designs have developed in the world of yukata and kimono.

The beauty of designs that have been refined over a long period of time, craftsmen's techniques that are connected by handcrafts, and fabrics that pursue comfort and the beauty of the wearer's appearance are all the focus of Chikusen's attention.

"CHIKUSEN dress" is a new proposal that is in line with modern lifestyles.

We hope you will enjoy wearing dresses made from beautiful handmade fabrics and wearing the rare craftsmanship of our artisans.