Carré MOJI


Carré MOJI is an interior artwork that combines the traditional Japanese culture of calligraphy with a modern sensibility.

Carré MOJI is a coined word combining the French word "Carré" (a comfortable courtyard) and the Japanese word “Moji (character)". It was born in 2002 with the desire to create a "comfortable space with characters" and to introduce it to the world as a new Japanese culture.

Beautiful calligraphy by 13 calligraphers selected from all over Japan who have both calligraphy ability and design sensitivity. The original framing design complements their works.

The works, created without compromising on any aspect of the artwork, will expand beautiful landscapes and scenes in the hearts of those who see them.

Carré MOJI aims to enrich the hearts of people around the world by displaying their works.


Calligrapher: Ouka Tahara / Frame size: 35 x 43 cm / Frame color: white wood / Mat color: beige pearl + moss green / Materials: Japanese paper, aluminum, acrylic / Weight: 2 kg

Calligraphy work by Ouka Tahara, a calligrapher. Original one of a kind. In addition to the beautiful lines of the calligraphy, the work is richly expressive with the addition of ink color from the blotting of the ink.

The dignified characters of this work create a variety of views in the mind.

Calligrapher Profile Tahara Ouka

Tahara Ouka is a promising young artist who creates graceful and elegant artworks that evoke the ideal atmosphere for interior use.

Is the first artist to have won the grand prix in the Carré MOJI qualification tryout and has gone on to win many prizes at famous calligraphy exhibitions.

Shows her own artistic world especially in Kanji and English works through the Carré MOJI gallery.

Being different from the existing and traditional calligraphers, she concentrates on the creation of the modern calligraphic works by demonstrating her superb sense of design.