Founded in 1849 in Nihonbashi. We are a nori specialty store with a "nori-only" philosophy. In 1869, we invented Ajitsuke Nori (seasoned nori), and in 1965, we opened the first drive-in restaurant in Japan, among many other challenges throughout our long history.

We offer a wide range of products from gifts to products that can be enjoyed at home, such as its signature product "Ume-no-Hana," made from nori graded according to its own standards, and "Otsumami Nori," which can be enjoyed as a snack.


When Yamamoto-Noriten was founded, the best Edo-mae nori was collected in the cold with the scent of plum blossoms.

“Ume-no-Hana" is made from carefully selected, high quality nori, carefully grilled and packed in individual servings. It is the representative flavor of Yamamoto-Noriten.