Isso-Hyakumi seasoned NORI

Founded in 1849 in Nihonbashi. We are a nori specialty store with a "nori-only" philosophy.

In 1869, we invented Ajitsuke Nori (seasoned nori), and in 1965, we opened the first drive-in restaurant in Japan, among many other challenges throughout our long history.

We offer a wide range of products from gifts to products that can be enjoyed at home, such as its signature product "Ume-no-Hana," made from nori graded according to its own standards, and "Otsumami Nori," which can be enjoyed as a snack.

Isso-Hyakumi seasoned NORI

Crispy nori is covered with crunchy ingredients and seasoned with our secret seasoning.

In addition to onigiri (rice ball) and bento (lunch box), it can also be served as a snack wrapped around vegetables or cheese.