Hirose dye works

Hirose dye works, founded in 1918, has specialized in dyeing Edo komon for over 100 years.

The Edo komon is a kimono pattern with its roots in the samurai kamishimo (a kind of costume), a world of tiny beauty that looks plain from a distance but reveals a pattern when viewed up close.

In 2011, we launched a stole brand called "comment? “. The name is a combination of the word "komon," from the Edo komon pattern, and the French word “comment?”. 

Each stole is carefully hand-dyed in their workshop. The expression of the stole changes depending on the condition of the light.

Please enjoy the unique elegance and playfulness of the stoles created by Yuichi Hirose, the fourth generation of the company.

After harboring a clear objective of letting the whole world know the appeals of Edo Komon, in 2011, Hirose launched “comment?”, a brand of women’s stoles, as well as opening up other non-kimono possibilities of applying Edo Komon.

In 2014, he delivered a speech and a demonstration on Edo Komon in France, while at the same time participating with exhibits in Premiere Vision Paris, one of the world’s most prestigious textile trade shows.

Hirose has thus been challenging himself fully to ride the currents of the wide world. Marking the 100th anniversary of its founding in 2018, an old Japanese dyeing factory is bravely and smartly going across the oceans, riding a fair wind.


Regular Member, Japan Crafts Association