White  Rose

Founded in 1721, the company has been in business for over 300 years. The company invented a rain cape made of oiled paper, which was adopted for use by samurai on the Shogunate's official attendance duties. Later, as a rain gear merchant, we dealt in Japanese umbrellas, and in the Meiji period, we began manufacturing and selling rickshaw covers and Western-style umbrellas.

In 1953, the company developed and sold the world's first vinyl umbrella, which was highly acclaimed in the U.S. export market after the first Tokyo Olympics, and domestic sales accelerated.

The demand for domestically manufactured products was sluggish for several decades due to the influence of overseas manufactured products, but then commercial products with good transparency, sturdiness, and repairability were reevaluated. The product has been adopted by the Imperial Household Agency and continues to be made as a new high-end vinyl umbrella that fits the SDGs, "a tool to protect customers from what is falling from the sky".

The ultimate premium plastic folding umbrella that is easy to carry around, developed by White Rose, the company that created the world’s first plastic umbrella, to realize a more transparent, tough, and beautiful plastic umbrella.

• The umbrella is made from a transparent film so it won't obstruct your view. It can be safely used while you walk.
• The umbrella features a unique anti-turnover construction thanks to its patented "reverse water dispersal" technology that prevents the rain from coming inside the umbrella while allowing the wind that comes inside to escape.
• 8-rib design, made from tough glass fibre.
• Natural cherrywood with its bark intact is used for the handle and the ferrule to create a luxurious touch.
• The natural wood will fit comfortably in your hand as you keep on using it for five or ten years.
• Comes with the patented Emboss Line that makes it easy to fold. 



Winner of the Tokyo Venture Technology Special Award at the 2016 Going-Global Innovations Competition