Kumi-himo stole

Since its establishment in 1889, RyuKobo has been the only workshop in Tokyo that handles the entire process of making yarns suitable for kumi-himo (braided cords), dyeing, designing, and assembling.

Under the direction of Takashi Fukuda, a modern master craftsman, RyuKobo also proposes products that have evolved beyond the framework of kimono, such as chairs, umbrellas, and stationery, in the hope that more people will become familiar with the technique of kumi-himo used for obi-stringing Japanese kimonos.

We have evolved kumi-himo from the techniques and know-how passed down from our predecessors, and for the Rugby World Cup held in Japan in 2019, we produced medal ribbons and participation commemorative mats in pure domestic silk kumihimo, which is durable and stretchable.

Kumi-himo stole

A stole made from kumi-himo, which invites users to fully enjoy the luster of the silk and its characteristic of preserving heat.

At first glance, it might look like a piece of woven fabric, but it is actually made from flat-woven kumi-himo that are carefully woven together. It has amble thickness, but once you drape it over your shoulder, it fits your body perfectly. It comes in a large size of 1950 mm x 600 mm, so you can enjoy the luster of the silk even more by wearing it over evening dresses.