Momentum Factory Orii


Orii creates unique colors and textures. The colors are created by controlling the chemicals and flame while taking advantage of copper's unique properties.




Because each piece is patterned and colored by hand, no two pieces have the same surface irregularity or coloration. The aesthetic sense of "wabi and sabi" of Japan and the sophisticated design that blends in with modern life will enrich any space and various scenes.




Momentum Factory Orii was founded in 1950 as Orii Coloring Works. Since then, the company has been involved in the coloring of a wide variety of copper products, including arts and crafts, Buddhist utensils, and bronze statues.




"Copper coloring" is not simply painting, but a traditional technique of producing vivid colors on copper and brass by controlling chemicals and flames. Today, they are further evolving this technique to produce original products and develop building materials used in hotels, restaurants, and commercial facilities, passing on the traditions and beauty of metals to the next generation through new perspectives.




Takaoka City in Toyama Prefecture has been a major production center of castings, including copperware, and has passed down its techniques for over 400 years. Takaoka copperware, which has a long tradition, began in 1609 when the city was first opened to the public in the Edo period.




The castings are decorated with inlays, engravings, coloring, and polishing, and Takaoka is home to a concentration of these craftsmen.




Today, Takaoka copperware accounts for more than 90% of the national market share, producing a wide variety of products such as bronze statues, figurines, tea sets, and flower vases.





2015 The Wonder 500 certification

2015 The 6th Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award, Excellence Prize

2017 Good Design Award