Hiroto Rakusho

裕人 礫翔

Hiroto Rakusho is a foil craftsman and foil artist born in 1962 in Nishijin, Kyoto, Japan.

He inherited the family business from his father, a foil craftsman, and worked as a traditional foil craftsman for Kyoto Nishijin textiles until the age of 40,Since the age of 40, he has been exhibiting his works as a foil artist in New York, Paris, London, Kuwait, and other places around the world with a desire to share Japanese traditional techniques with the world.

He has also attracted attention in Japan, where his works have been used as symbols for corporations and hotels, and his works have been featured in movies, television, and magazines. 


裕人 礫翔は、1962年京都西陣生まれの箔工芸士・箔アーティストです。 箔工芸士の父から家業を受け継ぎ40歳まで京西陣織の箔伝統工芸士として活躍し、その箔の技術を生かし建仁寺をはじめ、様々な神社仏閣の文化財の箔部分の復元も担当しています。



This chocolate is the world's first chocolate product to sublimate the traditional technique of Kyoto into an art form. The art part is made by applying a traditional technique called "rubbing foil technique" to edible gold leaves from Kanazawa, and rubbing them in layers to make the pattern appear.

The silverware for the outer container was made by Kiyoshi Matsuda, the eighth generation of Kazariya, a restorer of shrines and temples in Kyoto and other places, including the Kyoto State Guest House. The chocolate is made by chocolatier Kazuo Noguchi, who is in charge of various domestic and international chocolate brands based on the philosophy of "enriching people's lives through chocolate". The circle pattern is based on the image of Japanese aesthetics and the harmony of peace.

The artwork is designed to be enjoyed with all five senses: looking at the gold leaves artwork with the eyes, smelling the aroma of chocolate, enjoying the sound by breaking the piece, and finally, enjoying it with the tongue. This is the world's first art chocolate that brings together the best of each region of Japan. 


今回のチョコレートは世界初の京都の伝統技法をチョコレートに応用しアートに昇華した作品です。アート部分は食用の金沢の本金箔を「擦り箔技法」という伝統技法を応用し金箔を何層も重ねて貼り合わせ柄が浮き出るように擦り込み柄を浮かび上がらせました。外器の銀器は京都迎賓館をはじめ各地神社仏閣の修復を行う、錺屋八代目松田 潔祀が担当しています。

チョコレートは「チョコレートを通じて、様々な人の人生を豊かにする」ことを理念に国内外様々なブランドチョコを担当するショコラティエ野口 和男が担当し、輪の模様は羽田を中心に日本産の素晴らしいものが全国や世界に広がっていくイメージや和をもって尊しとするといった日本の美学や平和の和をイメージして輪の模様を描いております。

金箔のアートを目で見て、香りをかいで、作品を割ることで音を楽しんで、そして最後舌で楽しむという五感で楽しんでいただくアートになっています。 日本の各地の粋を集めた世界初のアートチョコレートです。


Since the Heian period, Kyoto's "Nishijin" area has been famous as a production center of high quality silk fabrics, with many craftsmen producing kimonos and obis.

Hiroto Rakusho's father, Jisaku Nishikawa, was a foil craftsman who applied gold leaf stretched 0.1 micron thick on persimmon tannin or Japanese paper, cut it into thin lines, and combined it with silk to create the beautiful patterns on obis.

Chocolatier Kazuo Noguchi works in Ryogoku, Tokyo, the birthplace of the first chocolate made in Japan. In this place, you can taste various flavors from all over Japan, produced using the finest Japanese chocolate as a base, cherry blossoms from Odawara, soybean flour from Kyoto, and charcoal produced in Japan.

The silverware on the outside is a combination of Japanese ebony and smoothly beaten silver using the finest techniques by Kiyoshi Matsuda, the 8th generation Kazariya, who has over 200 years of history in Kyoto and has restored the Kyoto State Guest House as well as shrines and temples in Japan.


アート部分が生まれた京都「西陣」は平安時代から、着物や帯を作り出す職人が多く、高級絹織物の産地として有名です。裕人 礫翔の父、西川 治作は、この西陣で0.1ミクロンの厚さに伸ばした金箔を柿渋や和紙に貼り、細く線状に裁断したものを絹と合わせ帯の美しい模様を表現する箔工芸家でした。 

また、ショコラティエ野口 和男氏の東京両国は日本で初めてチョコレートを作った発祥の地です。その地で、日本産の最高級のチョコレートをベースに小田原の桜、京都のきなこ、国産の炭を使って生産し日本全国の様々な味を感じることができます。

外器の銀器は京都で200年以上の歴史があり、京都迎賓館や国内の神社仏閣の修復を行っている8代目錺屋松田 潔祀が最高峰の技を使い、日本の黒檀となめらかに打った銀を組み合わせております。



2023 Solo exhibition "Gekko Raisan - The Moon Shining on Mt. Gekirin and the Radiance of the Universe" at Sennyuji Temple, Kyoto

2023 Exhibited works at ARTart KYOTO @ Nijo Castle, Kyoto

2023 Exhibition at MGM Cotai Theatre, Macau

2022 Exhibition at National Gallery Singapore The Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium & Foyer

2022 Appearance in the movie "HELL DOGS"

2022 "Seeing the Moon, Seeing from the Moon" at Art Fair Tokyo

2021 Provided arts for the movie "Burning Sword"

2021 Hiroto Rakusho Exhibition "Seeing the Moon" at ARTGLORIEUX GALLERY

2020 Hiroto Rakusho Exhibition "Blue World" @GINZASIX ARTGLORIEUX GALLERY

2020 Memory of the Moon - Foil + Art World @ The Okura Tokyo MAYU GALLERY

2019 "Mu" @ ART FAIR TOKYO Exhibit

2018 Provided arts for the movie "The Prosecution"

2017 '○△□ As It Is' @ Art Fair Tokyo Exhibited

2016 Produced 'Le Rouge Kyoto Edition' with GIVENCHY

2015 Solo exhibition "Golden Renaissance" in Kuwait

2011 "GOLD LEAF KYOTO COLLECTION" at Bergdorf Goodman, NY

Exhibited at Shanghai Expo 2010

2009 Chado Ralph Rucci New York Collection Spring

2008 Exhibited at Salone del Mobile, Milano, Italy

2006 Exhibited at Art Expo New York

2006 Produced a high-resolution facsimile of the National Treasure "The Wind and Thunder Gods" by Sotatsu Tawaraya, and dedicated it to Kenninji Temple.

2006 Exhibited at Art Expo New York.

2004 Presented the foil textile "Moonlight" to the Mayor of Paris.

2004 Cosmic Web, Textiles of the Universe, Museo Nazionale d'Arte degli Studi di Roma, Greece