STORIO's unique technology of bending a single solid board with fibers running from end to end and retaining its shape has given wooden products unprecedented functionality and beauty.

  • Spring-loaded opening and closing mechanism
  • Sleek appearance with no unnecessary thickness
  • Thin, strong, flexible, compact and lightweight
  • Three-dimensional form with a sense of presence                     

Solid wood products have become smaller and more modern, evolving from crafts to products. The addition of color variations, which are dyed so as not to spoil the natural texture, has expanded their applications to include items that can be easily carried on the go and that accentuate fashion and lifestyles.



  • バネ性による開閉機構 
  • ムダな厚みがなくスッキリした外観
  • 薄く強くしなやか、コンパクトで軽量 
  • 立体的で存在感のあるフォルム                        



Established in 2004 in Ojiya City, Niigata Prefecture. The company has been undertaking various types of processing in its wood service business that responds to users' custom-made needs.

In 2016, they completed a dedicated processing machine and launched our original brand "STORIO". The company handles everything from planning to commercialization and sales.

From 2019, we have designated the Uonuma Ooshirakawa Forest as our home forest, and are manufacturing products using beech, maple, and other woods procured from this area.

From product planning to commercialization, they do everything in-house (in Ojiya City, Niigata Prefecture).


2004年新潟県小千谷市に設立。ユーザーのオーダーメイドに応える木材加工サービス事業にて、様々な加工を請け負ってきました。請負から自社製品事業へ展開を検討するなか、機能的でモダンなデザインを実現するために無垢材の小径曲げ技術の開発に着手。2016年、専用加工機を完成させ、オリジナルブランド 「STORIO」 をスタート。企画から製品化、販売までを行なっています。


In our search for the best materials for products, they learned of the existence of beautiful and strong maple timber forged by heavy snowfall in nearby satoyama, and they procure materials by accompanying the mountaineer and witnessing him from the selection of trees.




For beech wood, they use "snow beech," which was designed by Professor Emeritus of Niigata University and is milled by a local production forestry cooperative and company. The project is aimed at the circulation of the forest on a centennial basis and the restoration of biodiversity.

The wood from the once disused firewood and coal forests is commercialized using new technology and made available for use in modern life. They are working to revive the ancient "satoyama cycle," in which nature and people coexist in harmony, and to create products that will power the continuation of this cycle.






JAPAN WOOD DESIGN AWARD 2017, Director General Prize of Forestry Agency (Excellence Award)


Selected as "Ambiente Trends 2019" in Ambiente, Germany

Selected for JIDA Design Museum vol.21

Won "IDS Grand Prize" at Niigata IDS Design Competition

Received the 4th LIFExDESIGN Award "Best Takumi no Gijutsu Prize" at the 5th LIFExDESIGN Spring 2019 Tokyo International Gift Show.


JAPAN WOOD DESIGN AWARD 2021: Incentive Award (Jury Chairman's Award) in the wood products category of the Heartful Design Division