Made of high-spec leather that is suitable for all seasons and can be used for work orleisure.A simple, all-inclusive, lightweight bag. The main body material is luxuriously selected European hides and luxurious Italian smooth leather that is LWG Gold Rank certified and has a beautiful texture.

The materials used for furniture and private jet interiors pass inspection standards that are stricter than the leather inspection standards for general fashion products.Genuine leather with high physical properties that is resistant to moisture, tearing, friction, bending, paint peeling, and ignition resistance, as well as light and oil resistance.

The soft and elegant feel of the matte finish is impressive, it is smooth yet scratch resistant, and although it has high specifications, it exudes a gentle atmosphere.

FUJITAKA is a bag brand which integrates both Japanese traditional craftsmanship and modern sensibility. FUJITAKA, a private brand since the founding of IKETEI Co., Ltd. in 1941, and the company's core brand, handles planning, design, and manufacturing at its own factory in Osaka.

They originally have sensibility, technique, and meticulous attention fostered by various seasons, history, and culture. In exploring the Japanese spirit, atmosphere, and beauty, we have been continuing to produce life-enriching items in harmony with the contemporary lifestyle.

Yao City, Osaka Prefecture, is a "manufacturing town" proud of its advanced technology and product development capabilities, especially among small and medium-sized companies. From the traditional production of toothbrushes, which has the largest market share in Japan, to cutting-edge technology in metal products and electronic devices, the skills of artisans shine through.

FUJITAKA's products are manufactured at its own factory in such a town of craftsmanship, where all processes from planning, sample making, leather cutting, stitching, sewing, inspection, to maintenance and repair, which are important after-sales care for bags, are carried out.

They have acquired [ISO 9001:2008] certification, which is a standard in 140 countries around the world and is rare for a bag manufacturing factory. They aim to be a world-class Japanese manufacturing company by combining reliable technology, high-quality products, and the development capability to challenge new things.