HIRUME produces skajan-jackets and shirts in collaboration with Hokusai, who is popular as Ukiyoe painter worldwide, and Rimpa and Jakuchu, who are Japanese painting masters.

Over coats and trench coats made of Kin-ran which is a traditional luxury textiles, are also exquisite.

In the latter half of the 19th century, William Morris foresaw a time when art and life would once again be in accord.

Beyond globalization, that future can finally emerge. HIRUME is a laboratory where the skills and motifs of traditional arts are brought into contact with contemporary design, art, and fashion, exploring the reactions that occur between them.

HIRUME supports the training of craftspeople to preserve traditional arts and skills. The monozukuri philosophy of Japanese craftsmanship has the ancient, the modern, and the future coursing through its veins. HIRUME communicates its potency to the world.

HIRUME has network of Japanese craftsman from Edo, Kyoto, to Kiryu etc, and designers, artists in whole Japan.

We are collaborating with them to produce exclusive fashion items. HIRUME also pays attention to fashion quality, and its comfortable and fashionable designs which are the result of master class producers and designers who have been involved in the center of fashion industry.

We hope you will enjoy our long-loved fashion based on Japanese craftsmanship.