With the concept of “Japanese Craftsmanship as Neo-luxury”, they create made-to-order clothing that is only possible in Japan by combining the finest kimono materials finished through meticulous dyeing and weaving (kasuri, etc.) with the modern technology of knitting.

At the MIZEN Aoyama main store, customers can choose the color combination of the knitwear and customize it to their taste.

At Haneda Airport, they mainly offer MIZEN's recommended color combinations.

One of the main purposes of this activity is to encourage customers to take an interest in the artisans involved in the production and their production areas through MIZEN, and to revitalize local regions by putting the name of the weaving company that produces the fabric and the name of the fabric on each garment.

Representative Shunsuke Teranishi joined YOHJI YAMAMOTO after graduating from Kyoto University with a degree in architecture.

After working as a production manager and pattern maker, he moved to Milan, Italy.

After gaining experience as chief pattern maker for CAROL CHRISTIAN POELL and exclusive 3D designer for AGNONA Creative Director STEFANO PILATI, he joined HERMÈS and moved to Paris, France. After working as a 3D designer for women's ready-to-wear, he returned to Japan at the end of 2018 to launch ARLNATA.

He then founded MIZEN in April 2022. He opened his main store in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo in December 2022.

MIZEN handles traditional materials from all over Japan and currently collaborates with about 12 craftsmen from the north to the south.

The fact that they mainly deal with "tsumugi" (silk), a fabric that originally belonged to the common people but has come to be treated as a luxury item in the modern age due to changes in values along with history, is also a major point of differentiation from European-style luxury, where what was originally enjoyed by the upper class has become popularized.

The wisdom and techniques of the common people who have transformed seemingly "defective" items into works of art, already existed in many parts of Japan in the past, and have a philosophy that is relevant to today's SDGS.

They believe that this Japanese spirituality will become one of the new luxury values in the coming age, and they are striving to further develop this thinking in their craftsmanship.



2023 Awarded "CULTURE-PRENEURS 30 2023" by FORBES JAPAN