"Takasaki Daruma", which has a 200 -year history, is designated as a traditional craft in Gunma Prefecture and boasts the best production in Japan.

The main feature of "Takasaki Daruma" is the face, "The eyebrows are crane, the mustache from the nose is a turtle." A crane and turtle, a symbol of lucky charms that have been handed down since ancient times in Japan, are expressed on their faces. On the stomach, the word "Fukuiri" is written, and on both sides of the face, the wish of the person who wants is written.

It is a well-established store that has been founded for 100 years. They handle a wide variety of traditional crafts protected by craftsmen to the latest designs of the four seasons. They continue to convey traditional crafts that match the era of tradition and the latest design, such as the only technology in the industry,"Gradation Daruma".

About 200 years ago, it was a lucky charm that supported a sericulture farmer in this area. Gunma Prefecture has been a popular area with sericulture for a long time. The silkworm molts four times before making a cocoon,It is called "wake up" when silkworm breaks the old shell. In terms of the words, the sericulture farmers have been serving as an important guardian god of daruma.



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