Jun Ashida

"MINA-TAN CHARM" is a luxurious charm (key chain with mascot) for adults, created by a collaboration between designer Tae Ashida and sewing technicians in Minamisanriku, Miyagi Prefecture, with careful handwork and high quality materials.

The project was born out of the "Support Tohoku Eternal Project," a project launched by Jun ASHIDA Co., Ltd. to produce high-quality accessories to support the long-term reconstruction of Minamisanriku Town, Miyagi Prefecture, which was severely damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011.

Jun Ashida Co., Ltd. was founded in 1963 by fashion designer and business manager Jun Ashida and his wife Tomoko, and celebrates the 60th anniversary of  founding of the maison in 2023.

Since its establishment, the company has always had a policy of manufacturing high quality products, and both “jun ashida" and "TAE ASHIDA" brands present their new collections twice a year at the largest collection in Tokyo.

They are truly Japan's leading royal maison, with clients ranging from the Imperial Family to successive first ladies, as well as VIPs and celebrities from various fields. Tae Ashida is the designer of "TAE ASHIDA" and the creative director of "jun ashida" at the same time.

Minamisanriku-cho, Miyagi Prefecture, was severely damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011.Tae Ashida and her staff visit the area from time to time to hold workshops and provide detailed technical guidance.

Jun Ashida Co., Ltd. provides design and technical guidance by Tae Ashida, as well as leftover fabrics and half-finished parts of high-end imported fabrics produced in the process of making the products. Since that time, the company has been actively involved in the SDGs. All proceeds from the sales of charms, excluding sales expenses, are paid to the sewing technicians as wages.