IWACHU produces quality is maintained by craftsman called "Kamashi". The process majority of them are carried out by hand.

Nanbu Cast ironware teapot have wonderful heat capacity. This means once they get hot, they stay hot for a long time and don't easily cool.

Water boiled in a Nambu Cast ironware kettle becomes mellow and tasty. 

Iwachu has inherited and observed traditional artisanship since its establishment in 1902 and produces of ironware a year as a manufacturer of Nanbu Ironware.

Iwachu is making efforts to continue providing customers with better quality products while taking delight in observing the traditions and realizing the responsibilities of creating works. We appreciate your continued patronage.  

Nambu ironware is a traditional craft created over a long period of time by the history and nature of Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture.

It has a long history, having been protected and nurtured by generations of feudal lords for approximately 400 years, and to this day is known as the home of Nambu ironware.