Yui Matsumoto

She uses lacquer, a material obtained from nature, to create her works.

After studying the fundamentals of crafts at Tokyo University of the Arts, she traveled to lacquerware production areas in Ishikawa and Okinawa prefectures to learn the techniques.

In parallel with her work as an artist, she also teaches lacquerware techniques. Currently, she is teaching at an art university in Yamagata Prefecture and creating works in a studio attached to my home. She has had solo and group exhibitions at galleries and museums in Japan and abroad. 


Using wood, fiber, and metal as a womb, lacquer can be used in a variety of expressive ways.

Her goal is to produce lacquerware that will bring happiness to the eyes and mouth. She would also like to offer lacquer objects not only for cooking, but also for daily life.

The "urushi (lacquer) flask" is a titanium container decorated with linen cloth using lacquer as an adhesive, and decorated with the technique of lacquering.

It features a contemporary design while using traditional techniques. 

Starting in Tokyo, she has lived all over Japan until now, and since 2001 she have been working as an instructor at a university in Yamagata Prefecture, where she is currently working.

Yamagata is located in the northern part of Japan and has a lot of snow in winter. The city where she lives is surrounded by mountains, and the four seasons offer a variety of landscapes. 

It is also an area blessed with a variety of ingredients, so it is a place where one can experience the joy of eating as well as making dishes.

She is also working hard on her own creative activities while conveying the charm of lacquer materials and crafts to the students she teaches.



2008 Grand Prize, Itami International Craft Exhibition

2010 Grand Prize, 51st Japan Craft Exhibition

2012 Silver Prize, International Lacquer Exhibition Ishikawa 2012

2013 7th Snow Design Award, Incentive Award

2016 The 2nd Yamashiro Vessel Competition, Grand Prize

2017,2018 Kanazawa City Craft Exhibition, Encouragement Prize

2020 Incentive Prize, The 59th Japan Craft Exhibition

2020 Kanazawa City Craft Exhibition, Kanazawa Mayor's Encouragement Prize

2020 Silver Prize, International Lacquer Exhibition Ishikawa 2020