A modern Edo Kiriko glass overlaid on coal black.

The straight-line motif has created an innovative and modern image, which makes you forget it is the traditional handcraft, Edo Kiriko.

It has received the Grand Prize in the 5th Tokyo’s Traditional Handcrafts Challenge Award.

Kimoto Glassware started in Asakusa 90 years ago, since then, they have kept to our principle “Keep traditional techniques and create the future of glassware”.

They will continue as the major glassware company in Tokyo in developing and creating new aspects of glass in our downtown factories, while working with craftsmen, designers and creators.

Edo Glass is a glass product made in the Edogawa, Sumida, and Koto wards of Tokyo.

Edo Glass is characterized by its glass manufacturing method, which has been inherited from the Edo period using materials and traditional techniques. The handcrafted feel and feel of the pieces, as well as the sophisticated techniques that deeply delight the viewer.

Compared to mass-produced items made by machines, each piece of Edo glass exists as a one-of-a-kind item, and it is loved by a wide range of generations and even overseas, and is also valued as a souvenir or gift. Skilled craftsmen are involved in each process, and the tradition continues unabated.



2009 Tokyo Metropolitan Traditional Crafts Challenge Award

2013 TASK Monozukuri Award, Excellence Prize

2015 Tokyo Handicraft Project Excellence Award

2008 Tokyo Innovative Service Special Award

2019 "Tokyo Handicrafts" Project President's Award, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Small and Medium-sized Companies Promotion Corporation