Ryota Aoki

Born in 1978 in Toyama Prefecture, Japan.

He has been creating new ceramic traditions by respecting the 16,500 years of human history of pottery making. He is creating a new ceramic tradition by using materials such as gold, silver, platinum, and Swarovski that have not been used in conventional ceramics.

Ryota Aoki is a ceramic artist who has realized that it is his destiny to take on insatiable challenges that transcend time and space, and continues to create ceramics that no one has ever seen before.

His unique, beautiful, and powerful works are the result of 15,000 glaze studies and more than 100,000 recipes he produces each year.

His latent desire to create something broke out of his shell when he casually visited a pottery class in town.

Since then, he has made ceramics as his destiny in this world and continues to create daily at his stasis studio in Toki City, Gifu Prefecture.