Ootera Kohachiro Shoten

The cute "Mini Oriental Zodiac Signs" series, which is gaining popularity both in Japan and abroad, are beautifully crafted using precision casting with lost wax, and their small size and elaborate workmanship give them a large presence.

Designed to fit modern lifestyles, they are a gem that can be used not only as New Year's decorations, but also for everyday interior decoration.

Ootera Kohachiro Shoten, which has been making castings for more than 160 years in a town known for its "craftsmanship," spins the history of the land with new attempts, including a series of Oriental zodiac ornaments that combine traditional craftsmanship and design.

Takaoka City in Toyama Prefecture is a town of manufacturing.

With a history of 400 years, the city still retains the atmosphere of the Edo period, The city has produced not only various forging manufacturers, but also many artists and other craftsmen.