Kazuyoshi Kitamura

1974 Born in Kutani Chikuryu Kiln, Ishikawa Prefecture

1998 Graduated from Ishikawa Kutani-yaki Technical Institute

Held many solo exhibitions at department stores and galleries in Japan and abroad.


REGAL, UNIQLO, COMME CA ISM, TAKARATOMY, Evangelion, Gundam, Snoopy, Doraemon, Monster Strike, Bearbrick, Kazuyuki Takishita and many others 

Member of Nitten, Juror of Contemporary Art Exhibition


Kutani-yaki artist Kazuyoshi Kitamura has been creating works in such unusual fields as sneakers, violins, a series of porcelain insects, and collaborations with world-class companies. While preserving the traditional techniques of Kutani-yaki, his unique works are known as "Kitamura Kutani," as they shake a new and unconventional sensibility.

The history of Kutani-yaki dates back to the early Edo period, when pottery stone, the raw material for porcelain, was produced in Kutani Village, Enuma County, Kaga Province.

Toshiharu Maeda, who ruled the Daishoji Domain in the southwestern part of Kaga Province, was also a tea master, and he decided to use this pottery stone to produce porcelain as a product of his domain.

He sent his retainer Saijiro Goto to Arita in Hizen Province, an advanced area of porcelain production, to learn pottery making techniques. After completing his training, Saijiro Goto opened a kiln in Kutani Village around 1655 and began to produce porcelain in overglaze enamels.



2004 First production and first selection at the Japan Exhibition (later selected in '07.'10.'12.'13)

2010 Received the highest award at the Modern Art Exhibition.

2014 Reorganized and selected for the New Japan Exhibition