The GMW-B5000 series was developed as robust and durable gear. Its iconic square design is now fully metalized with a new shock-resistant structure, and is equipped with advanced functions such as smartphone link.

The "GM-B2100 Series" is the first full-metal model in the 2100 Series, which inherits the identity of the first G-Shock and continues to evolve, and has realized a high-quality full-metal exterior while maintaining a simple design that eliminates waste and a size that is comfortable on the wrist. It is also equipped with functions useful for lifestyles in the digital age, such as a smartphone link and Tough Solar.

Casio was founded in 1957 by the four Kashio brothers and initially grew with calculators. Casio boasted a high market share in wristwatches and electronic dictionaries, and in 1972 launched the Casio Mini, the world's first personal calculator.

In 1974, Casiotron, the world's first digital watch with a fully automatic calendar function that even supports leap years, was launched.

In 1995, Casio launched the QV-10, the world's first digital camera with an LCD monitor.

Casio's management philosophy is "Creation and Contribution". Products with new functions help people's lives and advance society. They can also bring enjoyment to many people and become the source of new culture. When a new product becomes popular, a new market is created and a variety of peripheral industries grow up. Through the provision of products and services, we hope to contribute to society from various aspects.

Higashine City, located in the east-central part of Yamagata Prefecture, is a major producer of fruit trees such as cherries and apples, and ranks first among all cities, towns, and villages in Japan in terms of cherry production. Yamagata Casio was established in Higashine City in 1979 as a manufacturing plant for Casio Computer Co. In 1983, Yamagata Casio began its own business, combining the technological expertise it had cultivated through its previous manufacturing activities. The company has built a completely drawing-less production system, including precision molds and plastic molding, and its technological capabilities are recognized around the world.