The Morpho Carver helps restore youthful firmness with just five minutes of use every morning, thanks to its design for precise skin stimulation and 3D face care technology. Morning use helps support the absorption of skincare ingredients.

Its light and heat energy technology can also help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes, as well as improve the skin's ability to regenerate itself and bring freshness to the skin.

As a trading company and manufacturer of own-planned products, we have been committed to providing products and services that meet the needs of our customers since our establishment in 1993.

In today's society, where women are increasingly entering the workforce, many women lead fast-paced, busy lives with work, child rearing and housework every day. Many women lead fast-paced, busy lives with work, child-rearing and housework, but they all want to stay beautiful.

We are all the same in our desire to stay beautiful. We want to be there for these hard-working women, so we launched the brand CHOUOHC in partnership with ARTISTIC, a beauty equipment manufacturer and seller of beauty equipment and skincare products, which boasts an 80% share of the global sales volume of high-end facial equipment.

The products are manufactured at a factory dedicated to facial equipment in Hashima City, Gifu Prefecture, a town blessed with water and greenery in a corner of the Nobi Plain, surrounded by the Kiso and Nagara Rivers.

Based on the technology it has cultivated, the company has developed a facial device with a simple design with only two operating buttons, but with a wide range of functions, enabling skin ageing care in just five minutes in the morning.