Stones were the first tools man ever used.They have been always around us, in the natural environment we live in.

Unconsciously, we all feel the soft roundness of the stone,the hardness of the rugged rock surface, and its cool and comfortable temperature.

We wanted to quietly place the comfort of stones, which we all know, close to your life.

AJI PROJECT is a brand launched in 2012 by 13 local craftsmen and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the hope that more people will become familiar with Aji Stone, a high-grade stone produced in Mure-cho and Aji-cho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture.

AJI PROJECT offers a lineup of products that can be used for interior decoration and daily necessities that blend in with any space.

We want to connect to the future of the region by making everyone aware of the AJI PROJECT. With this in mind, we hope to continue to communicate the charm of the region through the AJI PROJECT. 

<Beautiful and strong Aji Stone>

Aji Stone is a granite produced only in the Aji area of Mure, Takamatsu City, located in the northeastern part of Kagawa Prefecture.

Also known as the "diamond of granite," Aji Stone has a high degree of hardness, and its fine crystals are tightly bound together, making it possible to create delicate work that is unmatched by other stones.

The beauty of its fine crystals and its resistance to deterioration over time, even when exposed to rain and wind, make it a stone that has been used in many famous architectural structures.