Stingray leather has been used for Japanese swords and armor for about 1,000 years and is considered a good luck charm. It is a traditional Japanese leather that is said to be the toughest of all natural leathers.

Yoshiyuki Awajiya consistently produces wallets with more than 100 processes and five special techniques.

(1) Selected high quality leather is used.

They carefully select each piece of ray leather by checking its softness and grain from among numerous ray leathers.

(2) Painstaking hand polishing to produce luster and smoothness.

Their original and careful hand-polishing is repeated many times to create a glossy, beautiful, and superb luster that cannot be found anywhere else. 

(3) Careful and time-consuming bonding.

The strength is increased by changing the bonding method depending on the bonding point and material.

(4) Beautiful and sturdy hand sewing (patented technology).

The unique sewing technique developed by Yoshiyuki Awajiya makes the product strong, beautiful, and straight.

Since this sewing requires very strong strength, the fingers and wrists have special muscles different from those of ordinary craftsmen's arms.

(5) The strong edge of the leather is made up of many layers.

The cut surface of ray leather is hard and sharp, so it is important to polish the edge. The process of "applying rubbing fluid, drying, and hand polishing" is repeated more than five times to create a beautiful and strong rubbing finish.

AWAJIYAKOUSHOU, Inc. was founded in 2010 by Yoshiyuki Awajiya, who founded a brand specializing in stingray leather.

The founder and craftsman, Yoshiyuki Awajiya, was born in Osaka in 1989.

He has loved crafts and matching colors since he was a child, and began learning manufacturing from his master at the age of 8.

At the age of 18, he taught himself leatherworking, and at the age of 19, during his creative activities, he was attracted to ray leather from kendo protective gear, and began his own research and technical development.

In 2010, at the age of 21, he founded Lunarossa Y'ppi. In 2022, he founded AWAJIYAKOUSHO Inc. and in 2023, he obtained a patent for sewing ray leather. Currently, he and his wife are active mainly in department stores.