"MATSUDA" is a luxury eyewear brand with a one-of-a-kind design that is purely made in Japan.

The uncompromising craftsmanship and unparalleled design, which bring together the best of Japanese technology, have surely captured the hearts of users who are particular about authenticity. In particular, the art level of engraving has been and continues to be synonymous with MATSUDA in the past and present.

MATSUDA was born in 1989 as a premium eyewear brand for the international market by Mitsuhiro Matsuda, a fashion designer known for his work at the Paris Collections and as the founder of Tokyo Fashion Week. The brand has earned a reputation for its unparalleled, solid design and frames that are said to be on the level of works of art with delicate engravings, and its integrated production in Sabae, a famous place for eyeglasses. Inspired by concepts such as architecture and steampunk, MATSUDA is unrivaled in the eyewear market today for its presence and high quality.

The Sabae craftsmanship that makes this one-of-a-kind design possible is also attracting attention. The production of eyeglass frames in Fukui Prefecture is said to have started in 1905, when Gozaemon Masunaga and his younger brother Kohachi introduced eyeglass frames in Ikuno (now Ikuno Town, Fukui City), as a way for farmers to earn income during the off-season in winter. In the 1980s, Sabae became the first place in the world to produce frames made of titanium, and has since established itself as a world-class eyeglass production center. While Sabae eyeglasses have earned a reputation for high quality, it is not difficult to imagine that only a limited number of Sabae factories and craftsmen are able to produce eyeglasses such as MATSUDA, which can be considered a work of art.