JMC's original denim "MUNI" is made of organic cotton, which has the highest level of feel, elasticity, dyeability, and strength compared to all other types of cotton, and produced at a factory designated by a certain popular denim brand in Okayama Prefecture.

The old loom takes 6 times longer than usual to weave the fabric slowly, so the jacket fits your body shape by wearing it and the pants fit your body shape by wearing them, and the denim can embody the ultimate feel and enjoy the unique aging process that can be obtained by wearing it for many years.

As for the pants, they are denim pants with tuck buttons on the front and selvedges on the sides, which are particular about the silhouette.

It is woven by skilled craftsmen on power looms, which are rare in the world, and the cutting is done by one person. The amount of fabric produced is one-third that of a regular loom. Furthermore, the width of the machine is only about 80 cm, about half the width of modern machines, resulting in one-sixth of the weaving output.

Depending on the fabric, it may not be possible to weave a stable fabric depending on the moisture content, but the power loom, because it is not controlled by a computer, allows the weaver to weave without stressing the yarn, making use of his/her experience of seeing, touching, and hearing the sound, and being conscious of the comfort of the wearer. The shuttle power loom is also made in Japan, and everything is done to reproduce the best looking denim of the 40s and 50s in the USA.

Kojima City in Okayama Prefecture is known as a denim production center in Japan. Walking through the city, everything you see is decorated with denim designs, and jeans stores and general merchandise stores line the streets, making for an all-day shopping experience.