Yuki Inoue×Mastermind JAPAN

mastermind JAPAN

Launched in 1997, mastermind JAPAN is a fashion company that focuses on "made in Japan", incorporating Japanese materials, traditional techniques, and the latest technology into real clothes for the world to see.

The brand began exhibiting at joint exhibitions in Paris in 2001, and presented collections in Paris from 2003 to 2011. In 2013 SS, the 15th anniversary of the brand's establishment, the collection activities were suspended, and from 2017, the brand has started two new lines, mastermind JAPAN and MASTERMIND WORLD, and started new collection activities. The brand is also involved in many collaborations with other brands such as Hublot, Globe Trotter, Adidas, and Mercedes-Benz.


Arita-yaki artist Yuki Inoue

Up-and-coming ceramic artist working in Arita, Saga Prefecture, Japan. His grandfather is Manji Inoue, the holder of the Important Intangible Cultural Property "White Porcelain" (Living National Treasure), and his father was a potter, the late Yasunori Inoue. He is currently one of the most popular artists in the world of ceramics. Drawing on his experience in fashion sales at an apparel company, he creates stylish, street-style pieces that are both traditional and playful in their own way.