Bamboo accessories crafted by Japanese artisans, carefully selecting natural bamboo, represent a unique fusion of nature's beauty and delicate craftsmanship. Each piece is handcrafted, boasting its own individuality.

The distinctive texture of bamboo, enhanced by lacquer finishing, adds a delicate luster and a pleasant feel when touching the skin. Lightweight and effortlessly complementing all skin tones, they offer exceptional comfort.

Moreover, the inherent warmth of bamboo gently embraces those who wear it. These accessories, with their innovative and stylish designs suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions, blend individuality with refined beauty, accentuating one's attire attractively.

Brand MIKAI BAMBOO, launched by Akari Aso in 2016, aimed to go beyond the conventional perception of bamboo products and create new value. Starting as the world's first bamboo accessory brand, it has expanded its endeavors into various fields such as hotel installations and art creation.

Its innovative and novel use of bamboo, as well as its techniques that maximize its inherent charm, highlight MIKAI BAMBOO's uniqueness. MIKAI BAMBOO continues to expand the potential of bamboo, bringing forth new inspiration to the world.

The production base of MIKAI BAMBOO is located in Oita Prefecture, Kyushu. This area is characterized by its natural richness, surrounded by both sea and mountains. Traditionally, bamboo products have been crafted here as a form of traditional artistry. In the past, these bamboo items were sought after as souvenirs by visitors to hot spring resorts, appreciated for their beauty and practicality. This region serves as a custodian of bamboo craftsmanship, inheriting both its techniques and traditions, elements that MIKAI BAMBOO respects and integrates into its products.



2016 Prefectural Governor's Prize, Kyushu New Crafts Exhibition

2017 MILANO DESIGN WEEK Triennale Art Museum Exhibit

2017 LEXUS NEW TAKUMI PROLECT, Oita Prefecture Representative

2018 MILANO DESIGN WEEK, exhibited at Tortona Super Studio

    Exhibited at Taichung Flower Expo, Taiwan

2019 MILANO DESIGN WEEK, exhibited at Tortona Super Studio