This versatile tote bag has a good capacity and can be used fashionably. The unisex and moderately crumpled atmosphere creates a sense of elegance and coquettishness for adults. It has a simple design that can be used in a wide range of styles from business casual to casual. The zipper pocket on the front side is convenient for storing small items that you want to take out quickly.

The JETTER series is made of high-grade Italian shrink leather with a soft texture. The deep and vivid white color, which cannot be produced anywhere else, is achieved by bleaching the leather to accentuate the whiteness at the base stage and using a transparent white dye made in Italy, which is not available in Japan, to express a special "Deep White" color. The surface is treated with a strong water-repellent finish, making it resistant not only to rain, but also to stains, which is often a concern with white bags.

Since its establishment in 1975 in Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture, which has a thousand-year history as the center of bag production in Japan, CONY Co., Ltd. has been consistently engaged in bag making and OEM manufacturing for major companies and famous brands.

They deliver bags that change various common sense, even if only a little, and highlight the individuality of the people who own them.

The design is simple in order to make the best use of the material, but the thoughts and techniques they put into it are not modest at all, but rather overflowing.

"CREEZAN" is an original brand of CONY, which transmits a little surprise through unconventional craftsmanship by Japanese craftsmen.

Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture, is Japan's largest bag production center, with a history of more than 1,000 years dating back to the Nara period.

Through the ages, Toyooka has developed into one of the leading bag production centers in Japan. Among the bags made in Toyooka, those produced by companies that meet the standards set by the Hyogo Prefecture Bag Manufacturers Association and pass a quality inspection are certified as "Toyooka bags”. Each company takes pride in its production.