"Basara" is the opposite of "wabi sabi”  or "Miyabi", which are the aesthetic senses that Japan has been presenting to the world.

"Basara" is a term that refers to the fashion and lifestyle of Japanese fighting men, in other words, the starting point of the way of life of men who create a new era by opening their own way.

The samurai who lived during the Warring States period, was "fashionable" and had a high sense of individuality and beauty....

The very "battle dress" of the warlords of the Warring States period, who were prepared to die in battle. These were "custom-made" armor helmets with family crests, horse ornaments, and armor....

The high-end fashion of men in those days was truly gorgeous. This theme, "The BASARA", introduces the aesthetic sense of "Basara", and also presents a collection of luxurious products re-edited in collaboration with Japanese craftsmen and artisans.

Image words:

Tiger (Chinese zodiac sign for 2022) Japanese armor Folding screen painting (Eitoku Kano (Kano-ha) and Rimpa) Nishijin textile (Kyoto, Hosoo) Leather (Hyogo, Hokkaido, Somes saddle) Gold, silver and black (Ishikawa, gold leaf and Wajima lacquer) Nanban lacquerware Tea ceremony (flavored tea by Stephane Danton and tea cups) Glass (Mika Aoki, Mieko Noguchi and etc.) Art (Shinya Kushino, Tetsuya Noguchi, Akira Yamaguchi and etc.) Flowers (Makoto Azuma) Outdoor (Snow Peak, Polewards, Nanga and etc.)