Chisato Yamashita ”Māyā’s Dream” Bodhisattva Fugen sitting on the white elephant 

Chisato Yamashita is a Japanese-style painter whose motifs are seascapes and a world where creatures and people coexist, and she creates fantastic works of art. For this exhibition, produced by the artist Shisyu, she took up the challenge of creating Buddhist paintings, a first for the artist.  

In the Maya's dream, Buddha himself appears on a white elephant in the dream of his mother, Lady Maya, and announces that she is pregnant. Fugen Bosatsu (Bodhisattva Fugen) also appears to the people on a white elephant and offers them salvation. Yamashita expresses a dreamlike world by using intricate luminous paints and shiny rock paints with particles as a fresh and mysterious blessing for the birth of a new life.   



Selected, the 4th Japan fine art exhibition

Selected, the 2nd Shinnissyunten

Selected, the 8th The 8th Seison Maeda Memorial Grand Prize Exhibition

Selected, Art Olympia 2019 Student Category

Selected, the 20th Taisei Sato Award Public Art Exhibition