Sisyu "Buddha"

Sisyu is a Japanese artist heir of SHO, calligraphy, one of the oldest Japanese aesthetic traditions, which boasts a history spanning 1300 years. With her technique, Sisyu fuses Japanese calligraphy with various artistic media, such as sculpture, multimedia arts and painting. 

In 2014, Sisyu participated in the exhibition at the Carousel Du Louvre, organized by Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris and was awarded Gold Prize and Jury’s Prize Gold Award that the invitation by Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts as a Guest of Honor Artist for the exhibition in 2015 followed.

In 2017, then Emperor and Empress of Japan visited the artist’s exhibition at the Ehime Prefectural Museum in Matsuyama.


General paintings and statues of Buddha are imitations of the Buddha in his old age.

I wondered what the Buddha would have looked like in his youth when he was earnestly wishing to save others.

I went back 2,500 years and tried to imagine. A young man appeared in my imagination, with a clear, compassionate light and a gentle, peaceful smile that soothed the hearts of many people. The calligraphy on it is written in the language of the time, the words said to have been spoken by the Buddha at that time. The power of the sutra was written down in calligraphy.

The support was created using a technique used during the Renaissance period seven hundred years ago. This work, which is appropriate for the beginning of a new year, is filled with a warm light, embodying the gravity and robustness of Western paintings.

Hokota, located in Ibaraki prefecture, is blessed with wide and flat land and produces high-quality vegetables and fruits.

When Sisyu works on her artwork, she leaves a convenient urban area and stay in the great nature of Hokota. She cuts off all contact with others by turning off the PC, putting off a watch and makes herself concentrating only on the tip of the brush. During her stay, she keeps a plant-based diet to avoid killing. Her artworks are born in this concentrated creation camp. 



Writing for the Emperor(2018)

Gold Prize, Japan Pavilion "Exhibition and Design Category", Milano International Exposition, Milan, Italy(2015)

Invited Artist of the Year by the Association National des Beaux-Arts de France(2015)、Gold Prize and Jury's Gold Prize(2014)、Japan Representative artist(2014)

G1 New Generation Leader Award(2013)

Laval Virtual, France "Design Art and Culture Prize"(2012)

Special Letter of Appreciation, Minister of Defense(2012)

The 5th Yukei Teshima award(2010)