Kesennuma Knitting


<Cashmere Stole, Cashmere Scarf>

We have crafted these luxurious cashmere items using high-quality cashmere, employing delicate hand-knitting techniques to achieve a soft finish. While cashmere alone provides a pleasant feel, the touch of hand-knitted cashmere is exceptionally exquisite. Please enjoy the indulgence.


<Pom-pom Hat>

This charming hat features playful pom-poms. Choose your favorite pom-pom color and pair it with the hat of your choice. Crafted using a technique called "English rib knitting," it is plush, substantial, and warm.


<Kesennuma Knitting Co., Ltd.>

Kesennuma Knitting is a brand specializing in hand-knit sweaters based in Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture. Following the East Japan Earthquake in 2011, the company set out to create meaningful jobs in Kesennuma, fostering a sense of dignity among its workers and nurturing a locally-rooted industry.

In Kesennuma, a port town renowned for deep-sea fishing, knitting was once a flourishing tradition within the fishing culture. It is said that fishermen engaged in deep-sea fishing used to knit sweaters aboard their ships.

Drawing inspiration from this cultural background, skilled individuals in the community, through practice and dedication, have evolved into professional artisans crafting high-quality hand-knit sweaters.

The hand-knit sweaters produced by Kesennuma Knitting are celebrated worldwide for their premium materials, modern designs, and the skilled craftsmanship of the artisans.

Kesennuma City in Miyagi Prefecture is a thriving port town known for its deep-sea fishing industry. Large vessels depart from Kesennuma to the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, capturing tuna and other fish.

In deep-sea fishing, fishermen embark on journeys lasting about a year, staying aboard the ship without returning home. They independently handle all necessary tasks, even repairing fishing nets by knitting with needles.

Skilled in nimble handiwork, fishermen used to knit sweaters for their families or themselves during the voyage. Among Kesennuma Knitting's knitters, many treasure sweaters knitted by their fathers, who were fishermen, during their childhood. They are now creating for others the joy they once received.