All of KAWAMURA's jewelry uses natural precious coral.

Unlike reef corals, precious corals live in the deep sea at a depth of 100 to 1,200 meters where sunlight does not reach. It grows slowly and takes several decades to grow 1cm, so it takes several hundred years before it can be used for jewelry. 

Since precious coral was discovered in Japan’s Kochi Prefecture in the 19th century, most of the world’s best precious coral has been sourced in Japan, and Japan has become a world-class producer of coral of the highest quality. Coral jewelry made by craftsmen with outstanding skills using rare precious coral from Japan is a masterpiece unique to KAWAMURA. 

KAWAMURA is a coral jewelry brand that mainly uses precious corals from Japan.

Founder Hiroo Kawamura founded the company in 1968, and has continued to make coral jewelry for several decades. Based on the philosophy of vertical integration, KAWAMURA handles everything from selection to processing of precious coral in-house, which leads to product stability and reliability. We work closely with craftsmen who have expert knowledge and skills in the processing of precious coral to always produce products of the highest quality. Our in-house atelier provides an environment in which our creative specialists to hone their craft to the fullest.

Most of the highest quality precious corals are produced in Japan, making it one of the few gemstone materials that are primarily produced in Japan. Our mission is to convey the beauty of Japan's precious coral to people around the world and bring them joy.

Since precious coral was discovered in Kochi Prefecture, Japan in the 19th century, most of the first-class gem corals have been produced in Japan, with Kochi Prefecture accounting for over 80% of the domestic market share. Precious coral material cannot be freely bought and sold, and the world's only precious coral auction is held several times a year only in Kochi Prefecture. KAWAMURA conducts top transactions at auctions.