STORIO KOI sake cup

This Nishikigoi (KOI) sake cup adds color to the scene of enjoying sake. By filling it with sake, it reproduces the appearance of Nishikigoi swimming, allowing you to enjoy your sake while admiring its beauty.

The KOI sake cup is modeled after a real, highly regarded Nishikigoi raised in Ojiya City, Niigata Prefecture, famous as the birthplace of Nishikigoi, and is made from clay from Agano City, also in Niigata Prefecture, fired at high temperature using the traditional manufacturing method of Yasuda Tiles, which are famous for their robustness.

The Nishikigoi is a symbol of development because it was only in Japan that the carp, which had been mutating all over the world, was developed into the beauty desired by the rest of the world.

As Chinese legend has it, the carp is believed to be a lucky charm for success in life, and is also believed to bring good luck in money. They recommend these as lucky charms to decorate your table and as souvenirs.


Storio Corporation (Ojiya, Niigata Prefecture) has been planning and manufacturing light, beautiful, and functional wood products using its unique bending wood technology since 2016.

By making use of wood from its hometown satoyama, the company continues to create products that allow people and nature to coexist in perpetuity.

Focusing on Yasuda-gawara tiles, which also originate from Niigata Prefecture, as a material with a texture that goes well with solid wood bending products, they started planning and manufacturing products in collaboration with Marusan Yasuda-gawara Kogyo in 2022.

Marusan Yasuda-gawara Kogyo (Agano City, Niigata Prefecture), which manufactures the tiles, has expanded the range of applications of the tiles from being mainly used for exteriors to tableware and interiors, making them a more familiar material. The company produces a wide variety of tile products with flexible ideas backed by the proven skills of its craftsmen.


The mountains of Niigata Prefecture are one of the snowiest areas in Japan, and in the spring, melted snow, rich in nutrients from the mountains, moistens the fields, making Niigata Prefecture known for its high-quality rice production and sake production.

With a tenacious and delicate temperament cultivated by the harshness of winter and the abundance of nature, mutant colored carp was quickly developed into Nishikigoi in the satoyama of Niigata. The sight of Nishikigoi swimming leisurely in a series of wild ponds is said to be the original landscape of Japan, and is a symbol of the beauty of satoyama in harmony with nature.