Glass art Kuroki

Kuniaki Kuroki, President of Glass Art Kuroki Profile

1945 Born in Miyazaki Prefecture

1978 Obtained the first grade of National Glassware Skills

1985 Participated in the Satsuma kiriko restoration project

1991 Awarded "Master Craftsman of Japan" by the national government

1997 Emile Gallé "Aquilegia Vase" restored for the first time in the world after 100 years

2016 Held the Glass Art Cultural Exchange Exhibition in Dubai, UAE

2018 Expression of Japanese Beauty: Kuniaki Kuroki Glass Art Hong Kong Exhibition

Glass Art Kuroki is led by Kuniaki Kuroki, who expresses his philosophy through fadeless glass. 

Kuroki's imagination in creating his works creates enduring values that fascinate people, and he hopes to continue to be an evangelist of Japanese traditions, culture, and history, which have been fading in recent years, by expressing them in glass and passing them on to future generations.

His representative work, "Korin", is a gorgeous piece of glass with layers of gold and platinum leaf scattered between the layers of glass.

In order to preserve the beauty of the environment and landscape that has existed since ancient times in glass, he focused on the fact that Aya Town in Miyazaki Prefecture is home to Japan's largest ever shiny-leaved forest, and developed "AYA KIRIKO" expressing the budding of trees, the flow of time, and so on.

Aya town located in the midwestern part of Miyazaki Prefecture, and belongs to Higashimorogata County.

It was formerly called "Asano-nakaya", which was shortened to “Aya". It has been a strategic point of transportation in Hyuga Province since the Nara Period (710-794), and was ruled by the Ito clan until the Warring States Period (1467-1568), and by the Shimazu in the Edo Period (1600-1868), when it became the domain of the Satsuma clan.

Aya town is home to one of Japan's largest broadleaf forests, and in 2012 was registered as a UNESCO Eco-Park, the fifth such site in Japan in 32 years.


1991 Awarded "Contemporary Master Craftsman" by the national government

1998 Awarded the Tretyakov Art Museum Prize at the Japan-Russia Contemporary Art Festival '98

2002 Expo 2002 World Art and Culture Merit Award

2006 Spring Medal with Yellow Ribbon