Masahiko Kondo

1971 Born in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture

1989 Studied under Sekiun Okada

1990 Completed the formation course at Kyoto Prefectural College of Ceramic Technology

1994 Completed the main course at Kyoto Municipal Industrial Research Institute 

1996 Studied under Ryuichi Kakurezaki


The representative production area of Bizen ware is the Inbe district of Bizen City, located in the eastern part of Okayama Prefecture.

Bizen ware is the oldest pottery among the "Six Old Kilns" of Japan. Its roots date back to the Kofun period.

Bizen ware is an extremely simple pottery that does not use any glaze and is not painted. 

Fired at a high temperature of 1200-1300 degrees Celsius, patterns are created by the nature of the clay, the way the kiln is filled, temperature changes in the kiln, ashes and charcoal during firing, and other factors.

Because it is handmade, no two pieces are alike, which is an attractive feature, and the more you use it, the deeper it becomes.


2013 Okayama Mayor Prize, the 56th Japan Traditional Crafts Chugoku Exhibition

2023 NHK Hiroshima Broadcasting Station Director-General's Prize, the 66th Japan Traditional Crafts Chugoku Exhibition

Regular Member of the Japan Crafts Association