Franck Muller


Franck Muller is a brand that respects tradition while pursuing innovation, and shares its original aesthetic and philosophy of “Vanguard" with excellent products from Japan and abroad, and presents them as a new collection.

For this purpose, Mugen musou brand kendama was chosen.

The functional and material beauty of the kendama are polished to the utmost limit using traditional Japanese craftsmanship, and fused with the world view of Franck Muller, making it a valuable object of art. 

Precautions for use (for ages 9 and up, recommended age 16 and up)

  • Please choose a safe place to play.
  • Do not hit people, animals, or objects, and do not swing it around.
  • This product contains small parts. To prevent accidental ingestion, please keep the product out of the mouth and out of the reach of small children.
  • The product is made of natural wood and may be damaged if subjected to strong impact.
  • When using the kendama, the stick and the tray may come off.
  • This is because the kendama is designed to shift when adjusting the length of the string, After adjusting the string, we recommend that you use glue or other means to secure the stick and saucer in place.
  • Do not wrap the thread around your neck or fingers.
  • Do not wrap the thread around your neck or fingers, as it may cause choking or blood loss to your fingers.