The 15th Kakiemon Sakaida

15th of Kakiemon, an important intangible cultural asset holding organization of Japan

1968 Born in Arita-cho, Saga Prefecture

1994 Studied under the 14th Kakiemon Sakaida

2010 First prize winner of the Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition

2013 Appointed Chairman of the Kakiemon Pottery Techniques Preservation Society, a government-approved organization that holds Important Intangible Cultural Properties

2014 Succeeded to the name of the 15th Kakiemon Sakaida

2024  Appointed secretary of the Japan Ceramic Art Association  

The 15th generation of the Kakiemon Kiln (an important intangible cultural property holding organization) has continued in Arita from the 1640s to the present day.

Since the 17th century, when the export of porcelain began in earnest, the Kakiemon style of pottery has been exported to Europe via the Dutch East India Company, winning enthusiastic fans and making a name for itself around the world as a representative brand of Japan in the modern era.

He inherited the beautiful milky-white base material called akae and nigoride, which the 1st Kakiemon had succeeded in producing for the first time in Japan.

He has pursued the modern Kakiemon style by trying new motifs such as trees, strawberries, and plum blossoms, which are unique to his generation. The asymmetrical composition of the vessels with ample margins is a characteristic feature. This is the pinnacle of colored porcelain.

Arita Town, Saga Prefecture, is the production center of Kakiemon and iroe porcelain. In the 17th century, Sanpei Ri, the founder of Arita-yaki, discovered the raw materials for this type of porcelain, which marked the beginning of the history of overglaze enameled porcelain in Japan. The 1st Kakiemon succeeded in firing white porcelain based on the technique of iroe introduced from China.

The 12th Kakiemon and the 13th Kakiemon succeeded in restoring nigoride, which had been lost for a time due to the waves of the times, and it was recognized as a national Important Intangible Cultural Property, "Kakiemon (nigoride)".



2010 Selected for the first prize at the 45th Seibu Traditional Craft Exhibition

2010 First prize, 57th Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition

2013 KAB Kumamoto Asahi Broadcasting Award, 48th Seibu Traditional Craft Exhibition